• Coffin Clubber LCSeptember, 2018

    Hello Kate and Kate,
    I thoroughly enjoyed myself today it was a real eye-opener.

    Thank you for all your dedication and time spent with us all. Yes was a bit of a novelty this week but amazing.

  • Coffin Clubber JDSeptember, 2018

    Coffin Club really was beyond all my expectations. We all bonded and helped each other. I thought that I would be on my own struggling but no way we are a group on the same journey and making it a fun experience.

  • Coffin Clubber BPFebruary, 2018

    I joined Coffin Club not knowing what to expect - would it be weird, dull or full of serious people? I couldn't have been more wrong. Coffin Club was friendly and fun and had a fully-organised timetable. I would recommend this club to anyone who wishes to take control of their final arrangements and have a good laugh for a few hours at the same time.

  • Coffin Clubber BBSeptember, 2017

    My experience with the Coffin Club has proven to be extremely valuable in terms of finding out more about planning my DIY funeral. It was also a lovely bonding experience with others in my community. The amount of love and support I continue to receive from the organisers and fellow members means so much to me during this difficult journey.